Sunday, 11 January 2015

Carme blouses

On a recent trip to Paris I bought a few patterns by sewing pattern designer Pauline Alice, including the Carme blouse and Cami dress. I spent my evenings this week making a muslin version and then making a few fit adjustments to the Carme pattern. I added 2 inches to the body length and an inch to the sleeve length along with widening the shoulders by an inch on either side.

The pattern is very well designed with a pin tuck bib section at the front, sleeves with sleeve tabs to allow the sleeves to be rolled up, a button placket and a mao collar. This was my first experience with pin tucks and a button placket, but the sew along Pauline ran has excellent sew-along videos to help you every step of the way.

So after getting the fit just right I purchased a few meters of cotton to make my blouses. The first one is a soft 100% cotton which drapes nicely:

Blouse number 2- using 1.5 meters of 100% cotton fabric which is slightly thicker than the fabric used in the first blouse which makes it warmer.

I've already been out to get some more cotton for a few more blouses :)

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